Sunday School Anniversary 2022 Highlights

Individual Programs

Amazing Grace - Sunday School Special

Youth Department

KPCT News Hour - Skit

Ladies Department

Paril Parkum Alpayusil - Group Song

Ladies Song

A Wacky Zacky Day - Skit

KPCT Youths

The Cup Song

High School

Achyanmarode Oru Avadhi Divasam - Kitchen Music

KPCT Adults

Amazing Grace - Cover Song

Angelin Ajumon

Parable Of The Good Samaritan - Message

Afraim Ajumon

Saved - Original Song

Sharon Matthew

Broken Vessels - Cover Song

Alkha Alex

The Prodigal Son - Skit

Middle School

Knock Knock - Musical Skit

Middle School

Grace Upon Grace - Skit

Middle School

Grace Unlimited - Skit

Elementary School

Rejoice In The Lord - Dance

Toddler School

Albhuthame Yahin Namame - Group Song

Ladies Song

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