Creative Works

Creative Works

Showcasing all talents of KPC

Mother's Day

Collage by KPC Kids

Who could be more distinguished than a mother in this world? The answer is No one! A mother is incomparable because she wishes to be inseparable from her loving family. For a mother, there is nothing as valuable as her children. She would go to any degree to make her children happy and well mannered. Paying the right honor to her is our duty, but that is not what she expects from us. Nevertheless, let us be thankful to God in disguise and wish her abundant happiness in life on this wonderful day!

Nadha Ninne Kripaye - നാഥാ നിൻ ക്രിപയെ

Original Song by Rejo Joseph

Lyrics: Rejo Joseph
Vocal: Johnly Charles
Chorus: Julia Sunny, Janet Sunny
Background Music: Anish Raju
Studio: Living Musics, Ranni
Mixing & Mastering: Anish Thekkekara & Nikhil

Produced By: Smitha Abraham

Shelly's Script

Calligraphy by Stacey Joseph

“I started drawing and painting as a kid. I love art. One stream that I express my passion in is calligraphy/lettering. I do it for fun and I enjoy it. Hopefully, my calligraphy might inspire someone. So pick up any writing utensil and letter!”

A Whisper Replies

A poem by Stacey Joseph

“The world is filled with God’s wonders. They are all signs of the Lord. However, a believing soul will still have questions, especially when going through trying times. God will speak to you and perhaps answer, but there are always at least 3 truths that will never change.”