A Whisper Replies

  • on March 31, 2019

A Whisper Replies


By Stacey Joseph

“The world is filled with God’s wonders. They are all signs of the Lord. However, a believing soul will still have questions, especially when going through trying times. God will speak to you and perhaps answer, but there are always at least 3 truths that will never change.”

A Whisper Replies


The breaking of dawn to a solar eclipse.

The might of the peaks to the roar of a wave.

They magnify the power of the One.


But an anxious soul still wonders in the mist,

Who is my Lord? Who am I to Him?


The wind in the willows; the song of the sparrows

All just being a sillage

A sillage of the great I AM.


There asks a soul in the depth of night,

Where is the Lord? Where is His voice?


He makes a white scar be all that’s left of a wound.

His hand strong holds the will of each heart.

If whether Thump. Thump. Thump it should go.


And though these are all glorious fingerprints of His,

A searching soul still calls out,

Where is the Lord? Where is His voice?


Then amongst the storms, darkness, fires, and quietude,

A gentle and melodious whisper replies,


I am thy God.

You are my child.

I am here.

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