Bible Based Malayalee Pentecostal Church in Greater Toronto Area

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Our Vision

Our vision at Kerala Pentecostal Church Toronto includes many things. George Washington Carver once said, “Where there is no vision, there is no hope,” and we at Kerala Pentecostal Church Toronto have both vision and hope. In fact, our vision is to share our hope. We wish to reach out to the hopeless and lost, tell them the good news of Jesus, and how He alone can give them something to hope for. Our vision includes reaching those who have been hurt. Those who have been affected through the many trials of this world, and left feeling alone. We wish to show them that there is someone who understands and loves them. To share the love of Christ to those who desperately need it.

We strive to be a church that can build up leaders. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we hope to strengthen our members in their faith. As spiritual leaders and devoted followers of God, we can better know how to reach those calling to Him. We desire to grow in numbers and in Him so that we can influence a greater sphere of people. As a body, fully devoted to Him, we can be used by Him to touch others.

We understand that God can take normal everyday people and use them mightily. Our vision is that God will take our members and use them in amazing ways to lead people to His kingdom and help others. God’s powers in our lives such as through miracles, showing His love, and giving us words to speak to others should be used to help those in need of Him. We don’t wish to be a church that feeds ourselves only, but we desire to let the Spirit use us to feed others hungry for Him: to be servants for Him by serving others.

At Kerala Pentecostal Church Toronto we wish to let the light of Jesus shine through us. As the light of the world, God’s children’s lives should be a testimony in itself of the love of Jesus in our lives. We strive to be that light in the darkness that can help lead people home to Him. Essentially, our vision is to be open and used by God to be a light in this dark world to bring joy and an everlasting relationship into peoples’ lives that will change them forever!

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